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Boston Ballet’s Dusty Button

What I’ve learned from Formula 1 Racers: Ballerina Dusty Button
By: The Dance World Editor

DI_Dusty_MAINBy Allison Gupton of Dance Informa.

She’s not just her multiple pirouettes. She’s not just her gorgeous lines. Dusty Button, principal dancer for Boston Ballet, is so much more. She is a choreographer, dance fashion line designer, car enthusiast, dedicated wife and an inspiration to young dancers everywhere.

Dance Informa was fortunate enough to chat with Button about her inspirations, what a day in her life looks like and her advice for dancers wanting to pursue a career in ballet.

Tell me a little bit about where you’re from and your dance training. What made you want to pursue a more ballet-centric career?

“I am a Southern Bell, having grown up in South Carolina, and the training was much slower paced than that of London, New York City and Boston, as I learned once leaving home at a young age to pursue my career. I am very structured and of all genres that I studied, ballet seemed to be the one with the richest and most structured history. With a foundation like that I can only see room for growth.”


Read the rest of the article HERE

Waltz into White

Waltz into White

with this Springs dance wear trends! White leotards are hot this spring and taking center stage.

Check out these stunning styles that can take you from studio to stage. 

Capezio’s V-Neck Pinch front leotard with belt

Product # TC0002






Bodywrappers Dotted Yoke Leotard P1040



Pinch Front Tank Leotard by So Danca


So Danca Children’s Tank Leotard ~ a great class basic                                   whitedress

Bodywrappers Solid Chiffon Asymmetrical Dress perfect for stage performances.

By: The Dance World Editor


How to do a Firebird Leap

How to do a “Firebird Leap”

By: The Dance World Editor

To properly execute a Firebird leap you need to do the following…

1. Take a good preparatory plie and use the momentum from that plie to execute the leap.

2.  While pressing your front leg forward with a pointed foot, simultaneously arch your back with arms in an open or closed 5th position and bring the back leg into attitude position.

3. Always finish your landing with proper plie rolling through the feet to prevent injury.


Dance NJ’s Show Up and Dance

Show Up and Dance

This Sunday mark your calendars for Dance NJ’s “Show Up and Dance” showcase. Dance NJ is a service organization committed to reaching new audiences and promoting dance education in the state.Dance NJ has organized this amazing event which will feature several talented artists who will showcase their choregraphy.

Show up and Dance will feature the following dance companies/choreographers..

  • Nai Ni Chen
  • 10 Hairy Legs
  • Alborada Dance Theatre
  • Ballet Forte
  • Kinetic Poetic
  • Somerset County Vo-Tech Highschool
  • Breaking Waves Dance Academy
  • Performing Arts Ensemble
  • Shoreline Dance Academy
  • Nina Moshman


Don’t miss out on this opportunity to be inspired by amazing choregraphers and the art of dance!

To become of member of Dance NJ go to


The Freedom of the Freeform


Desmond Richardson wears Freeforms in black.

The Freedom of Freeform

Dancers want shoes that feel great and look great too. Capezio also strives to create products that serve, and they are on point when it comes to the Freeform shoe. This soft slipper, which can be worn for ballet, jazz or contemporary, was created about five years ago. The shoe’s structure makes it fit like a glove and move with the dancer’s foot, creating a seamless line.

Even professionals such as Adrienne Canterna, dancer, director and choreographer, and also a Capezio Athlete, appreciate the Capezio Freeform shoe and its adaptability.

“The Freeform is so weightless and so comfortable,” Canterna says. “It allows me to feel the floor but also provides support and protection.”

Melissa Brannan, Vice President of Design and Merchandising for Capezio, says, “When we originally conceived the Freeform we were looking to create a hybrid shoe that fit like a glove, allowing it to flow seamlessly with the intricate movements of the foot. We wanted the dancer’s experience in the shoe to feel as organic and unhindered as possible, while at the same time providing the full production and support that they need.”


What makes the Freeform different from other soft slippers is the design. It uses a special patented PowerPointe Construction®, which allows the Capezio shoemakers to build a shoe with no excess material. PowerPointe Construction® involves using a seamless, powermesh arch, which removes excess material from the arch. So, with Freeform, dancers are able to point their feet and acquire a nice, clean line with no bulk. The mesh arches also allow the feet to breathe.

Freeform’s upper is made of soft, durable leather and Nylon/Lycra Spandex. No drawstring or adjustment is required, and the elastic topline prevents the shoe from gapping, so the shoe is streamlined to the foot and enhances the arch and line of the foot.

“The shoe ultimately works with the shape and movement of the foot and becomes a part of the dancer’s aesthetic,” says Brannan. “Freeform highlights the dancer’s lines without creating any additional visual distractions, which keeps the focus on technique.”

With a shoe so snug to the foot, it appears as though Freeform is weightless. “My feet feel free, and that makes my dancing fearless!” Canterna adds.

In addition, Freeform is a split-sole shoe with a suede sole that is cushioned for comfort. It also has a 5/8” one-sided plush elastic that is attached to the shoe on either end but is customizable to be worn either across the instep in a traditional manner or behind the heel, which can look very flattering. Placed in either position, the strap is sure to help secure the shoe on the foot.

Pink Capezio Freeform

Freeform is a very versatile shoe. Good for ballet, contemporary or jazz dancers, this shoe comes in a variety of colors for different purposes – to be worn with pink tights, without tights or to match a black outfit. In fact, Capezio has just launched a web exclusive of Freeform in special patterns, which are available here.

“The inserts in the vamp are actually a patterned print, not a solid color,” explains Brannan. “They coordinate with our Studio by Capezio Fall/Winter collection. The shoes are really fun! This is the first time a dance shoe has been specifically made with the intention of matching one of our fashion collections! It is a step into the future, and we are very excited about it. For those who have never worn the Freeform, this is a great time to give it a try. If you are already a fan of the Freeform, this new Limited Edition line gives you a functional way to add a little fashion to your footwear.”

Currently, Freeform is available only for adults. The shoe is built for women, but men may purchase the shoe by going up two shoe sizes for a proper fit.

Canterna, a proud wearer of and ambassador for Capezio, says, “Capezio makes nothing but the best, and Freeform is no exception! Their products are of the highest quality and will never fail you.”

By The Dance World Editor

By Laura Di Orio of Dance Informa.



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