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Jun 7,

Dance Recital Necessities: a Checklist


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As any parent of a dancer knows, backstage at a dance recital can be chaotic. In all the swirling action, many parents find themselves in a panic over forgotten items, wondering if they have time to rush to the store before the performance starts. You can ease last-minute preparations and maintain your sanity by remembering … Continue reading “Dance Recital Necessities: a Checklist”

Feb 10,

Waltz into White

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Waltz into White with this Springs dance wear trends! White leotards are hot this spring and taking center stage. Check out these stunning styles that can take you from studio to stage.    Capezio’s V-Neck Pinch front leotard with belt Product # TC0002         Bodywrappers Dotted Yoke Leotard P1040   Pinch Front … Continue reading “Waltz into White”

Feb 2,

The Freedom of the Freeform


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Desmond Richardson wears Freeforms in black. The Freedom of Freeform Dancers want shoes that feel great and look great too. Capezio also strives to create products that serve, and they are on point when it comes to the Freeform shoe. This soft slipper, which can be worn for ballet, jazz or contemporary, was created about … Continue reading “The Freedom of the Freeform”

Jan 18,

Fashion Leotards Bloch & Mirella

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Fashion Leotards featuring dance brands Bloch & Mirella. These leotards give that class wear basic the perfect touch a fashion. They make great pieces for class, performance, and auditions. Click… and you shall find.. By: Danielle Hernandez A Dance World’s Editor



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