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Aug 16,

NYC Dance Photography Project

NYC Dance Photography Project

New York City Dance Photography Project

By: The Dance World Editor



Dance As Art- The New York City Photography Project is a protest, an exhibition and a street show designed to raise awareness of the need for the arts and artists in New York City. It’s getting a great amount of attention on social media and in the mainstream press and I would like you to be a part of it!


Exceptionally talented individuals in great shape with a very, very strong background in ballet or modern dance who aren’t afraid to be in full dance attire anywhere from a subway car to Grand Central Station!


Fill out our application form below and we can go from there!


If you are interested in being involved in a project that will be professionally shot, allow you to showcase your talent, be featured and promoted as part of our project and help increase awareness of the arts, then this is certainly for you!

I am doing location shoots throughout New York focused on juxtaposing the beauty of motion of the human body with mundane and landmark New York locations and situations. It’s also a bit of a street show as we tend to draw crowds where ever we go and the audience interaction is in fact part of the project!

The shoots usually last 2-3 hour and most of them take place either early in the morning (6 am – 8 am) or around sunset (6 pm-8pm) or the middle of the day (1 pm to 3 pm.)

Dress for most of the shoots is classic dance attire with hair and makeup as if you are going to do a performance.

It’s an unpaid gig, but there are many benefits to being a part of the Dance As Art ensemble. Your image will be seen by the tens of thousands of Dance As Art fans and we will promote you and your career with a special section on our biography page and you will also be able to use the photographs privately for auditions as part of your portfolio.

Thanks for responding and I look forward to working with you!

Fill Out Our Dancer Application Form Here

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