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Sep 21,

Getting your students to perform

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By: The Dance World Editor By: By Angela D’Valda Sirico of Dance Teacher Web With the new season just ahead of us it is important to get our students to perform for shows, competitions and in class! Students need to understand that it’s not just about the technique but to also get them to understand how to express … Continue reading “Getting your students to perform”

Sep 14,

8 Ways to Make Pointe Pain-Free


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By: The Dance World Editor By: Rain Francis of Dance Informa If you’re a professional dancer wearing pointe shoes all day long, you may experience some pain with pointe work. However, it is possible for pointe to be pain-free, especially for the beginner. If you have your shoes fitted correctly, and achieve the right level of … Continue reading “8 Ways to Make Pointe Pain-Free”

Sep 7,


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By: The Dance World Editor From: Dance Informa ClassJuggler ClassJuggler Dance (, celebrating 10 years of service, is the premiere web-based business management tool of dance schools. Rated #1 in customer service by customers, ClassJuggler functions as your dance studio’s “backend” system, simplifying the business of running your school. Our intelligent “cloud-based” software tools are continuously improving, giving … Continue reading “ClassJuggler”

Aug 31,

Boss Ballet Barres

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By: The Dance World Editor From: Dance Informa   Boss Ballet Barres provides the strongest free-standing dance and fitness barres available in North America.  Popular with studio owners, schools and home-users alike, they are the first choice for some of the biggest names in dance and fitness.  Using a patented design and high-strength structural steel, all … Continue reading “Boss Ballet Barres”

Aug 24,

Should you Strengthen your Quads?

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By: The Dance World Editor By: The Dance Training Project (June 30th, 2015)  Should You Stretch or Strengthen Your Quads? [4 exercises to try] The way teachers sometimes talk about our quads, it’s easy to feel like we’re expected to dance without them. “Don’t grip your quads!” “The movement should come from underneath the leg, use … Continue reading “Should you Strengthen your Quads?”

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